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LoLo's Adventures in Wonderland

~~tales of a quirky dreamer~~

3 March
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I'm LoLo, a destitute college student who likes to rant about life in general. And books, I desperately love books. Haha. I'm an advocate for acceptance of homosexuality and a member of a gay-straight alliance.

Let's see here... I actually grew up homophobic until my sister ran off and married some girl in Canada who, even until this day, I have not met. That's when I realized we can't always love straight, so we have to be aware of those who aren't.

As a general rule, I usually try to add one straight and one homosexual pairing to every story I do. Some pairings are easier than others. I mean, I honestly can't see any of the characters in FF6 having a homosexual relationship (except Edgar, who may or may not be hiding something, but that'd be with some other NPC). While, FF7 is just yaoi fodder... :p